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April 4, 2011 Health At Every Size radio show

PegE (a.k.a. Dr. Elam) flew solo today when Pat (a.k.a the Queen) couldn't make it to the studio. (She'll be back next week.) The co-host's absence usually means the show features more music, and today's episode was no exception.

But first PegE discussed attempts by various state governments and other entities to assess financial penalties on people over a certain BMI (Body Mass Index) in the guise of encouraging "healthy" behaviors. What's YOUR answer to the pop quiz "Which of these things is not like the others? Smoking -- Obesity -- Exercising".....?

Listen to the show to learn the answer. It may not be what you think.

Ah, yes, the music! Today's show featured Suchi Waters Benjamin's mind-body-spirit anthem "Freedom," as usual, as well as "Women's Bodies" (Rebecca Riots), "Iphigenia" (Cosy Sheridan), "Even Free" (Kristi Martel), "Fat Girl" (Creamy Goodness), "The Bathing Suit Song" (Minna Bromberg), "The Flame" (Beth Neilsen Chapman), "Choose Love" (Fortunate Sons), & "Phenomenal Woman" (Ruthie Foster).

Please excuse the wonky audio on "Iphigenia" -- and keep listening to hear Sheridan's moving emulation of a young girl hospitalized for anorexia nervosa:

We read about the Trojan War last night. Iphigenia, killed by her father so his army would fight. She died so they could sail off for his war. Another girl who learned what her country wanted her for.

Chorus: I am Iphigenia, the daughter you lost. For all you earned, I am the cost. Ruling the world has a very high price. I am Iphigenia, the sacrifice.

She died so the big boys could win. Sacrificed for a good westerly wind. Someone got rich telling me to get thin. Just looks like a different war from this bed I'm in.

Here's another lyrical quotation, from Minna Bromberg, the Singing Sociologist:

You can have a little uprising from wherever you're put down. And so I start my revolution in my bathing suit.


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