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Pat's still recovering from the bug she contracted a week and a half ago, so Peggy (um, Dr. Elam) flew solo for this show.

Today's show (well, yesterday's show -- we didn't get the recording until today due to a computer glitch at the Radio Free Nashville studio) focused on "medicalization," a term describing the process of converting "normal" conditions and problems into medical "illnesses" for which drugs, surgery and other "treatment" can be sold. (A.K.A. "diseasemongering.")

Peggy (A.K.A. Dr. Elam) also discussed recent research indicating that published research on weight management fails to meet the standards of evidence-based medicine, and a Psychiatric Times article on psychiatric fads, overdiagnosis and "normality" as "an endangered species."

Books recommended during this show: Overtreated: Why Too Much Medicine is Making Us Sicker and Poorer by Shannon Brownlee & Selling Sickness: How the World's Biggest Pharmaceutical Companies Are Turning Us All Into Patients by Ray Moynihan & Alan Cassels.

Music includes "Freedom" (Suchi Waters Benjamin), "Women's Bodies" (Rebecca Riots), "Fat Boys" (Uncle Bonsai) & "Chubby Man Blues" (Les Kerr).

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