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June 27, 2011 Health At Every Size radio show

This show featured a precorded conversation in which Pearlsong Press publisher (and Health At Every Size show host) Peggy Elam, Ph.D. & several authors talked with feminist literary historian Susan Koppelman about making history through size diversity & fat activism in literature.

Participating authors included Lynne Murray, Ellen Frankel, Leslie Moise & Lauri J Owen.

Susan Koppelman is the editor of The Strange History of Suzanne LaFleshe: And Other Stories of Women and Fatness, which is published by Feminist Press. Lynne Murray is the author of the romantic comedy Bride of the Living Dead & the upcoming The Falstaff Vampire Files, as well as the award-winning Josephine Fuller mystery series, which Pearlsong Press is reprinting & publishing in ebook form starting this year. Lauri J Owen is the author of the paranormal romance novels Fallen Embers & Blowing Embers, Books One & Two of The Embers Series. Leslie Moise is the author of the forthcoming memoir Love is the Thread. Ellen Frankel is the author of the new novel Syd Arthur as well as the memoir Beyond Measure.

Pearlsong Conversations are monthly teleconference calls featuring Peggy Elam chatting with various Pearlsong authors (often including Health At Every Size show co-host Pat Ballard) about their works and books and writing. The public is welcome to participate in the live calls and join the conversation. For more information about the calls and how to participate, click here. There is no charge to participate, other than any long-distance tolls that might apply.

Featured music on this show was "Freedom" by Suchi Waters Benjamin.

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