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Impossible Ideals

July 11, 2011 Health At Every Size radio show

Dr. Elam ( a.k.a. PegE) flew solo today, as the Queen (a.k.a. Pat Ballard, Queen of Rubenesque Romances) was at court with her granddaughter.  She discussed recent articles and research reports about impossible (and unhealthy) appearance ideals in men's "fitness" magazines, a study indicating a gene linked with low body fat and unhealthy levels of cholesterol and blood glucose, and fearmongering about "skinny fat."

This episode's music includes "Freedom" by Suchi Waters Benjamin, "Even Free" by Kristi Martel, "Mister Five by Five" by Ella Mae Morse, "300 Pounds of Joy" by Howlin' Wolf, "I Like 'em Fat Like That" by Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five, "I Like I Whole Lotta Woman" by Josh Max's Outfit, & "Well-Rounded Woman" by Kent Blazy.

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