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August 29, 2011 Health At Every Size show on Radio Free Nashville

Dr. Elam (a.k.a. PegE) flew solo for this episode while The Queen (a.k.a. Pat) babysat a new puppy. She discussed recently published research examining the heart health of Dutch women who were between 10 & 17 years old during the famine at the end of World War II, and how the findings could be applied to people subjected to adolescent (or earlier) weight loss diets.

As published in the European Heart Journal, researchers in The Netherlands found that women who had lived on 400-800 calories a day during the 1944-45 famine had a 27% higher risk of heart disease in later life. How many heart -- and other -- problems in fat adults that are blamed on their weight are actually caused by early life semi-starvation for weight loss?

Music includes "Freedom" (Suchi Waters Benjamin),  "Big Fat Blonde" (The Rainmakers), "Fat Bottomed Girls" (Queen), "Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)" (Mika), "Suit Yourself" (Kate Campbell), "300 Pounds of Joy" (Howlin' Wolf), "Mister Five by Five" (Ella Mae Morse), "Fit, Fat & Fine" (Candye Kane), "Built for Luxury" (Abby Burke featuring the Manly Band), "Start the Commotion" (The Wiseguys) & "Hottie" (Jana Stansfield).

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