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Louise-tree-web2Click here to listen to or download the 54-min mp3 recording of today's Pearlsong Conversation with Louise Mathewson, author of A Life Interrupted: Living with Brain Injury.

ALifeInterruptedwebthumbA Life Interrupted is a collection of poems chronicling Louise's recovery from a brain-damaging car accident. The book also contains a list of journaling therapy writing prompts and other resources she found helpful in transcending trauma.

Louise Mathewson holds a master’s degree in pastoral studies from Loyola University in Chicago. Her work has appeared in numerous publications, including Wordgathering: Journal of Disability Poetry, Mochila Review, Boulder County Kid and Sasee magazines, and the anthologies Cup of Comfort—Vol. I (Adams Media) and Borderlines ’08 (University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom).

Most recently her work appears in Mentor’s Bouquet, an anthology edited by Linda Leedy Schneider (Finishing Line Press, Fall 2009).

Louise has always loved to write about the sacred moments in everyday experiences, but today these experiences hold even deeper meaning. In February 2003 she emerged from a two-week coma following an auto accident in which she suffered a traumatic brain injury. Though she struggled at first, she resumed writing as soon as she was able. Today Louise lives with her husband in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, where she continues to write and recover.

Click on the widget below to browse an excerpt from A Life Interrupted: Living with Brain Injury. For more information or to purchase, go to www.pearlsong.com/alifeinterrupted.htm.


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