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Co-host Pat Ballard stayed home with a cold today, so Peggy played the recording of the July 17, 2010 Pearlsong Conversation teleconference call with Pat and authors Lynne Murray & Judy Bagshaw chatting about fun summer reading.

Topics ranged from mysteries to romance to vampires and cases of mistaken zombie identity. All agreed on the attraction of books with engaging characters and the ability to transport the reader to another place, whether that be New Orleans, San Francisco, Africa, Alaska, Birmingham, or elsewhere. If the book contains life-sized characters, all the better.

[UPDATE 8/16/2010: The mp3 file for this show has been deleted to make room for new show files. You can still access the mp3 file, if you wish, by going to this show's post on the www.healthateverysize.info blog.

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