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As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches in the U.S., publisher & psychologist Peggy Elam, Ph.D. chats with several Pearlsong Press authors about the importance of appreciating & listening to our bodies.

She is joined in the 50-min teleconference call by Pat Ballard, Lynne Murray, Tracey Thompson, Bonnie Shapbell, Leslie Moïse, Ph.D. & Linda C. Wisniewski.

Pat Ballard is the Queen of Rubenesque Romances & author of 10 Steps to Loving Your Body (No Matter What Size You Are), Lynne Murray is the author of The Falstaff Vampire Files, Bride of the Living Dead & the Josephine Fuller mystery series Leslie Moïse, Ph.D. is author of Love is the Thread: A Knitting Friendship (just published by Pearlsong Press). Tracey Thompson is the author of the novel Fatropolis, which will be published by Pearlsong Press in 2012. Bonnie Shapbell is author of the bereavement guide Hiking the Pack Line, which will also be published by Pearlsong Press in 2012. Linda C. Wisnewski is the author of Off Kilter: A Woman's Journey to Peace with Scoliosis, Her Mother, & Her Polish Heritage.

For more information about the Pearlsong Conversations series of teleconference calls, links to recordings of previous calls, and information on how you can participate in calls, go to the Pearlsong Conversations page on the Pearlsong Press website.

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